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ExploreCraft: Marbled (1.19.2 Quilt)

This is ExploreCraft! A modpack for Minecraft 1.19.2 (Quilt) designed to keep you moving. You may never know what you'll find, after all.

To get started, go to the releases page and download the latest version.


Any worlds created with any other version of ExploreCraft (like ExploreCraft: Legacy or Rekindled) will NOT be compatible with ExploreCraft: Marbled. Please be aware that worlds from other modpack versions will corrupt in EC: Marbled.


To install this modpack, you'll either need PrismLauncher (Recommended) or MultiMC.

  1. Create a new instance by using Ctrl-N (Or CMD-N on MacOS). Open the "Import from ZIP" tab, and choose the file you just downloaded. You can also give it a catchy name and a snazzy icon while you're at it.

Importing the instance

  1. Click OK and let the magic happen!

  2. Once the import is complete, you can configure your instance however you like by pressing Ctrl-I (or CMD-I on a Mac.)

  3. It is time to launch! You should see a "packwiz" window appear which will download all the mods you need. This tool is also responsible for keeping your modpack up to date.

  • A window will appear asking you which optional mods you'd like to download. As it implies, none of them are necessary but recommended.

Optional Mods Screen

  • Mods downloading:

Downloading Mods...

  • If a screen similar to this one appears, don't fret! Just follow the guide here to continue:

An example of the error

  1. The game will now boot up, and you'll be ready to rock! Have fun :D


We also have a Discord! Come join us here.

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