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<a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank"><img alt="Lunivity Banner depicting the Lunivity Logo in Space." src="./assets/banner.png"/></a>
About Lunivity
# Lunivity
Open-source by nature, self-hosted by choice.
## Lunivity Ring
Lunivity currently provides, or will provide following services, under the collective name "Lunivity Ring":
- [Authentik](, a way to authenticate yourself in the Lunivity Ring.
- [Gitpot](, a Git forge powered by Forgejo.
- [SearXNG](, a hackable meta-search engine.
- [Lunivity Wiki](, a place to document Lunivity and for guides to help you in your IT journey.
- [](, an open chat platform powered by Matrix.
- [and many more](
Many of these services are currently exclusively available to Lunivity Members (Invite-Only) for the time being. Public registration will open up once spam is manageable and the infrastructure is more stable.<br>
For more information, visit our [website](

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